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Guide to measure your feet size

If you chose to mesure your feet yourself, please us ethis manual and watch a short video with demonstration.

What to measure

  1. Under the knee.Measure the circuit under the knee at the knee cup part.
  2. Calf.Measure the circuit of the calf at the widest point of the calf.
  3. Ankle.Measure around the ankle at the narrowest point.
  4. Heel - instep.Circuit around the heel and the highest point of your instep..
  5. Instep.Circuit around the foot, starting from the sole going to the highest point of the instep.
  6. Foot circumference.At the widest point aroun the toes.
  7. Height.Measure the height starting from heel, going all the way up to the kneeling hole. Please measure the whole length, because when the boots adjust to your foot and soften they will drop a bit.

How to measure your foot.

  1. Place a list of paper on leveled surface. Keep it still, for the best results.

    How to measure your feet size

  2. Put your left feet in the centre of the paper and outline it precisely with a pen.

    How to measure your feet size

    How to measure your feet size

    Careful! Keep the pen vertically for the whole time!

  3. Measure the length of your foot - by connecting the length from heel to the bif toe.

    How to measure your feet size

  4. Measure the right foot the same way.

Keep in mind!

  • Size of your feet can differ! In that case use the bigger size you measured.
  • We recommend making the boots 0,5 cm longer than the sole.

Leather samples

As there are many shades, colors and patterns, please contact us for further specification.

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