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ROMITELLI SHOES is family owned Italian company

Enrico Romitelli is founder and the owner of Romitelli Shoes company, being a master in his field since 1979 at the same time.

He is an artist, that is still coming up with new ideas and improvements.

His dedication to his craft and hard work allows him to make products of the top quality only.

Enrico Romitelli

Enrico Romitelli with his son.

How it began

We met Enrico during Global Championship in Wienna and agreed on becoming sales representatives of his products, that we were thrilled with after first use.

Our friends, colleagues riders and acquiantances, that got the opportunity to try the products out were as thrilled and pleased as we were.

To be able to offer these unique products to public we became exclusive distributors and sales representatives of Romitelli Shoes.

Complete satisfaction is important to us, so we prefer personal approach for those, who would like to design their own boots.

Enrico Romitelli

Choose from a wide range of calf leather.

Enrico Romitelli

Example of hand dyed some types of leather.